Business Plan

Energy Freedom Pioneers (EFP) will create 280 full time jobs and will contribute up to 8 MW of proven, reliable, carbon-free energy to the New Jersey energy grid. EFP works in conjunction with Salem Community College on workforce development training to provide the skills that will create the green collar jobs of the future. EFP will help fulfill the clean energy objectives of the Obama Administration and State of New Jersey's Renewable Energy Standard. EFP's biopower facility will provide nutrients for local farmers and remove biodegradable food from landfills, removing over 20,000 tons of harmful greenhouse gas emissions including carbon dioxide and methane. EFP will provide a significant source of job creation, tax revenue and business development in rural New Jersey while helping improve the environment.

EFP will create up to 5 MW of clean, green biopower through an anaerobic digester process that consumes pre and post consumer food at a rate of 550 tons via a GE Jenbacher bio gas engine. Feedstock includes residual farm waste, pre-consumer food waste from food packaging plants, post-consumer food from dining facilities, animal waste, fish industry waste and non-hazardous waste alcohols from the pharmaceutical industry. We have written commitments for 64% of the feedstock and verbal commitments for 150% of the system capacity.

The photovoltaic array is mounted on a "Sunseeker" single axis, ground-mounted tracking system that follows the sun from rise to set. The system will occupy ten acres of internally, grid connected land. The system will deliver between 1.5-3 MW per year of reliable, clean energy to the grid. Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECS) for this electricity are under contract with PSEG. All engineering is complete for this project. It has been reviewed with the township permit office and is shovel ready.


Salem County College   PSE&G   United States Department of Aggriculture   GE Jenbacher   New Jersey's Clean Energy Program   New Jersey Economic Development  
U.S. Department of Energy